Symptoms of 3-5G

electromagnetic smogSo I’m going to start listing people describing their symptoms of 3-5G that they are getting.

3G and 4G have always been toxic to the body and the evils knew it and created this on purpose so it would harm us.

And just so you know, this isn’t new technology. My most recent understanding is that they knew back in the very early 1900s that this was toxic to humans and all living creatures.

And once a person is injured from EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies), RF (radio frequencies), MMW (millimeter waves), DE (dirty electricity), etc. and even if they are injured from chemicals which is called “chemical injury,” they can almost NEVER go back to the way they once were even if they heal. I could be wrong, I hope I’m wrong, but even people who have healed a lot say they are never the same.

After they are injured by whatever poison the endure or a combination of poisons (read my ongoing list here), most people will end up being triggered by the smallest toxin.

These chemicals and technological weapons are meant to harm our bodies including our cells, DNA, brain, organs, etc.

Contrary to the lies spread for centuries, they weren’t developed to give us a great life. They were developed to spy on us, make us sick, and with 5G, it will even control your thoughts. And it can even shoot their heat weapon into your home. It’s NOT just used on crowds of protesters. And why would you want to harm protesters anyway? They are protesting against TYRANNY!

The only reason you’d want to harm protesters is if YOU are the criminal doing the harming.

Onto the people’s comments about how they have been harmed and their symptoms of 3-5G

Note: I haven’t edited any of the comments below

  1. “I get nose bleeds and brain fog as well as severe burning in the head from smart meters and wireless routers. I am extremely limited as to where I can live due to the proliferation of smart meters in the US. I am thrilled by the work Liz is doing.”
  2. “My sensitivity to EMFs is disabling. It stems from black mold exposure and symptoms range from numbness, headaches, heart arrhythmia, trouble breathing, anxiety, brain fog and memory problems. I’m the canary in the coal mine. You could blindfold me and take me for a drive and I can tell you when we are close to a cell tower. Physical symptoms start immediately and grow stronger the closer I get and the emotional symptoms like fear or anger follow. This may not cause symptoms this extreme in the average person but it is chipping away and weakening all of us. I am grateful that someone is fighting this! So grateful. God bless.”
  3. “5G represents a government sanctioned attack on public health and human rights. At the heart of this attack is the corrupted FCC, which grants the legal authority to wireless carriers to fill our homes with toxic RF radiation. This must stop. Andrew Campanelli is one of the best attorneys in this field and has the knowledge and experience to expose the FCC and their safety guidelines as a fraudulent. This case is arguably the best chance we have to stop 5G in its tracks!”
  4. “I donated because I have severe EHS from 3G and 4G, nearly died from it, and will not survive 5G. I lost my home, my beloved business, and am now living under the poverty level on Social Security in the woods far from cell towers, Wi-fi, and “Smart” meters trying to get through each day. Typing this on a DSL computer with wired mouse and wired keyboard. Deployment of 5G is the number one crisis in the world that the masses still don’t know exists. Praying this lawsuit can happen FAST, as time is definitely of the essence. Thank you.”
  5. “I am (literally) sick and tired of government and industry profiting off of the downgrading, manipulating and poisoning of innocent, upstanding citizens. A profound thank you for your unending devotion to protect our planet.”
  6. “I donated because Greenville, SC, has already begun rolling out the 5G program downtown which causes me great discomfort, heart palpitations, ringing and pain in ears, shortness of breath, chest pain and headaches. Also a “floating sensation” inside the head and dizziness. Please stop this, or I see a huge wave of suicides coming across the land from people who feel like jumping out of their skin!”
  7. “I need to share what the FCC did on our property in Tennessee. Many people died and others sick from the low level micro wave pulsed RF and all that FCC agent could do is shout and strap on a gun and threaten the ones that were suffering”
  8. “I am injured by EMFs and can barely use a cell phone and am now sensitive to all radiation that comes off of electronic and wireless technology. The standards in place need to be made safer according to our biology and not in favor of industry and profits. Ethics needs a take stand.”
  9. “I am a sufferer. I despise the illness being forced on us!”
  10. “Too many credible researchers, scientists, physicians, and even some politicians agree 5G is harmful along with cell towers, smart meters, wifi, etc. Having been extremely EMF overexposed and injured, I have to agree. Suffering a buzzy hum the past 2 years with others accumulating as more of the same are installed, and getting the runaround about it, has my attention. Kudos to Liz and those who still have enough fight left to battle on our behalf. Thank you.”
  11. “I’m EHS and 5G must be stopped”
  12. “I donated because a member of my household has been physically harmed by EMFs, cell tower radiation, and WiFi.”
  13. “I am electrosensitive and understand there is great risk to all life from wireless technology.”
  14. “I believe that a car cell phone caused my husband’s brain cancer and death. I do not want anyone else to have to suffer as he did.”

I will add to this list as I come across more people.

I hope you are feeling okay and staying healthy.


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  1. “Sad. And personally I have to move now, because i realized that a 4-5G device meant to cover a large area is sending strong radiation from 20 meters away into my home, giving me painful symptoms in the lungs every time I’m home for more than 30 minutes to 2 hours. That’s in Sweden. It’s a dystopian world being put in place..”


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