Voter You Can’t Complain

If You Are A Voter You Can’t Complain

Voter You Can't ComplainOur message to you is, if you are a voter you can’t complain about what the government is doing to you or anyone else.

Politicians will always be corrupt, power hungry liars, and they will always take advantage of you so long as they keep you under their thumb. For that reason the ONLY person responsible for the abuse they are getting at the hands of government is YOU.


Because you VOTED for them! And because you still think they can save YOU!

We know it’s hard to hear and most people will jump to defend themselves, but if you look at this logically, you will see that YOU and ONLY YOU are responsible for having voted that person, or any person – into power.

The government has you soooo brainwashed in believing that if you don’t vote, there is something wrong with you. It’s such an ingrained behavior, that many people get really upset when you DON’T vote. Even in prime time TV shows they write scenes around voting time that tell everyone that if they DON’T vote, they aren’t part of the collective whole that is this country.

To keep the notion going that voting is something we should all be running to do, several countries such as the US and the UK refuse to let prisoners vote. They usually make the argument that the prisoners lost their right to vote since they aren’t worthy of being part of society. OR, they aren’t “good” enough to vote, as if everyone who isn’t in jail is good, moral, etc.

The bottom line is, voting is harmful to society since it keeps the corrupt government in play. Even if you believe the bullshit the next candidate prances around telling you, you will soon see VERY quickly that they are just the next one in line alongside the history of lying corrupt politicians.

Voting Makes You The Problem

Once you truly understand that there can be NO government, freedom and peace at the same time, then you can get started on creating a peaceful functioning society with the help of others who also want the same thing in life.

Obey everyone but yourself

Once you understand that no politician (including the president or prime minister of your country) is any better than you or anyone else, maybe then you will stop worshiping the government and start thinking for yourself.

Government is insane

You can’t be a slave and a free person simultaneously. Slaves are controlled by fear, and just because you aren’t locked in a cage, doesn’t mean your mindset isn’t locked right where they want you.

Stop The Slave Mentality

You can’t bow down to what someone else tells you to think and feel and at the same time, be able to think for yourself and make your own decisions. That makes no logicall sense.

If you think you aren’t a slave, consider this:

  1. The government decides what they think is right and wrong. YOU have no choice in deciding what is right and wrong for YOU! This is NOT an example of freedom.
  2. The government can arrest you at any time based on what law they think you didn’t obey, and you have no choice in the matter. This is NOT an example of freedom.
  3. The government employees or people of the government can do whatever they want and get away with it most of the time, and UNLESS you are part of the 1%, the rules and laws are different for us than for THEM!
  4. The government controls everything from what education your kids get, to what can be said on the TV. What food is sold in stores or even allowed into the country, and the majority of people don’t even understand how these decisions are made, let alone whether they benefit us which in 9 times out of 10 they don’t.The majority of the population gives ALL their trust with the corrupt people who run the government.

Their Rights Are Really Privileges






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