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How to fight the evils cashless society

A man who won't die for somethingHere are some great pointers I got from someone else on how to fight the evils cashless society. And here’s what it will mean to have a cashless society besides the complete CONTROL they will have over you so if you don’t do what they say, you will starve to death.

Just remember, you aren’t just fighting the evils, you are fighting EVERY zombie who’s both an individual as well as a company, because they ALL support the evils’ agenda to enslave and kill us all off.

The next part goes out to the royal YOU. I shouldn’t have to say that, but really insecure people always think the writer is talking to them and they get insulted. As IF I know all of you personally. SMH

If you are getting triggered by something I’m saying, that’s something you need to address emotionally. The same would go for me, although sometimes I just get triggered because of zombies and low IQ people. There’s no way I will EVER release that frustration. I’ve been that way for years, but now it’s worse.

I already know what I fear emotionally, do you?

If you don’t, then you don’t know yourself and that’s where alternative therapy comes in.

Due to the death jab and them shedding on us, we are losing our brains, and I’ll bet you anything I mean that literally. We need a brain scan (I hate them and don’t believe in them, but we don’t have another way) to see if we are literally losing our brains, not just intellectually. I wonder if thermographs can be used for this as well. Sorry, thinking out loud.

Here’s my alternative therapy page. Please look it over. This is for you to heal emotionally. You should care just as much about your emotional health as your physical.

To become strong and eventually Warrior like, everyone needs to release their childhood trauma that keeps us insecure.

Now, onto the rest.

I don’t care if you tell me the zombies don’t know. If you told them and they ignored you, THEY ARE PART OF THE EVIL’S AGENDA. They know.

If you didn’t tell them, why didn’t you? Most of you have, I know this, but who knows, maybe some of you haven’t discussed all of this out of fear. Some of you hound them and that doesn’t work either. If they haven’t woken up already after 3 1/2 years, they probably never will.

I’m sorry to say this, but they are officially zombies. They don’t care about the world being destroyed, and if they are that far gone, I’m pretty sure (never say never) they will NEVER wake up. Maybe when they are imprisoned eventually. One HOPES that they do NOT accept imprisonment. That would scare the shit out of me if they literally walked to their cell all happy or accepting FOR THE GREATER GOOD. They’ve already accepted imprisonment at home.

I talked to one guy who lived DOWN THE STREET from his mother and didn’t see her for a year. OMG.

Now I know I’m not your soft loving person (unless you get to know me), but I speak TRUTH and I shouldn’t have to stand on ceremony with you guys.

I’m NOT a politician here to lie and pretend. Just the very FACT that I fight for all of Humanity (that includes YOU) and our Mother Earth, should mean something besides how I communicate to you.


And if you choose not to wake up to the fact that we are in a war and it’s ALL HANDS ON DECK, and you to continue to protect these zombies, you are also complicate. Maybe not as bad, but still.

Yes there will be times when you don’t know a person so there’s no way they will listen to you (maybe they will, you never know), but your friends, family, and co-workers don’t respect you enough to at least investigate, and you still make excuses for them?

Nope, that doesn’t work for me. If you are estranged, then you don’t count, I’m talking about the people who have/had a solid relationship with their friends and family.

Yes I know you want to be around them, I get it, EVERYONE needs friends and family, it’s how we were Created, but there is no middle ground on this topic. WE ARE IN A WAR. WAKE up.

Maybe not divorce yourself from them, but at least continue talking about it and YES, saying you are very upset in how they are not respecting you and instead, worshipping (use your own word) the fake news (you can leave out the word fake) over you.

If they need someone else to explain it to them, that’s an idea. Sometimes they feel too close to family and friends and they will listen more to someone who isn’t close to them.

If they still refuse to listen, then I’m sorry, but they are my enemy and therefor yours. The evils need LOTS of bodies and consent from zombies to forward their agenda, and they are one of those bodies accepting the war in ALL of its facets.

There’s so many things happening all at once, we are being PUMMELED by the evils. You could literally choose any topic and discuss it as PROOF.

If they agree with one slave mandate, but not the other, ok, then you have a chance of saving them, but if they agree with EVERYTHING the evils are doing and they ignore that there is evil, well then you have your answer.

That’s my opinion after years of studying psychology, metaphysics and then Spirituality. I haven’t studied it in a while, but I know the basics and took alternative therapy which is also like studying why humans do what they do. Of course you need to study the evils and how they have been attacking us for years to get a more well rounded picture.

It’s not a simple 1-2-3 answer, but the root cause is always your childhood or you may have a bloodline curse and of course the evils also play a part in traumatizing you since birth (vaccines, prison school, government, poisons, should I go on?

And we’ve ALL been slaves for so long.

But now you know that, so how are you going to heal from all of this?

Every decision we make every day (we should have been doing this before) has to be thought of carefully.

Are we helping the evils or Humanity?

If you are constantly helping the evils because you are helping the zombies by enabling them, then that’s a problem.

I’ll let you mull this over.

Sorry for the interruption, I went on a rant. Now back to our regularly scheduled pointers…

There are so many companies that are forcing us to use toxic cell phones (you can read my article about it here), and are advertising the evils’ lies, like the scamdemic, the Ukrainian/Russian false flag war, the fake climate change, etc.

They are brainwashing you on the phone when you call a company for help with something and they force you to use your cell phone just to talk with them or access your account. That’s part of the digital prison.

Then they tell everyone there’s so many security risks with just a regular phone or email, so OF COURSE they need your biometrics and for you to ONLY use toxic cell phones. That’s the low IQ staff zombies and they just do as they are told and don’t question anything unless maybe there are some who do become incensed and quit. I wish they would come forward. We need heroes like that.

They are doing the right thing by quitting. And yes I know we need money, but this is why I circle back to the fact that we need to grow our own food and build our own communities and we need to do it the right way by accepting that there’s going to be conflict and we know how we will handle it when it crops up. Link to my community platform.

Now, onto the pointers at hand

Note: I only edited it for clarity

“In France for three months now their approach to digital banking has been simply fantastic.

  • A very well known supermarket here decided to go cashless, so a group of 50 people got together and agreed that they would all do a big shop on the same day. They pilled their trolleys to the brim and each person arrived at the checkout – the human check out, not the machines – they waited until everything was scanned before bringing out their cash.The staff were absolutely over-run. Everyone repeatedly, calmly and in a very organised and polite fashion acted as if they knew nothing.No edges, no rudeness, and no humiliation.They offered no other method of payment other than cash. They were willing to leave their trolley behind if cash was not accepted, so eventually the supermarket reinstated cash.
  • At petrol stations, people filled up with fuel, but then only had cash to pay.
  • At restaurants, groups of friends go out for dinner and nobody taking phones or credit cards, only cash.

They are doing it in every single area of France.

Simply refusing to be part of it.

The reason it works is because it’s organised in large groups. One person here and there doesn’t work. It needs to be really carefully constructed.”

As I always say, we NEED to work in numbers together to fight back TOGETHER, and all of this has to be carefully strategized, not just running out into the street saying no to credit cards.

Kudos to these smart ones in FRANCE.

Please do your part in fighting this war! Link.


Our Free Society
I hope you learned something and if you can support my work (there are different options), it would be much appreciated. If not, I understand.

A knowledgeable mind will set you FREE and so will using Natural Law to fight the evils and evil collectives. Remember, according to Natural Law, if you or anyone you know is under attack, spiritually and lawfully you are allowed to fight back even by killing that person!

Truth, connecting to consciousness, following Natural Law, learning how to love and respect yourself and then others, to build a better world, is ALL that Matters, and then taking ACTION!

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