Monsantos Trolls

Monsanto Trolls

Did You Know About Monsanto Trolls? What is a Monsanto troll you ask?   Well on Lifewire’s site, Elise Moreau says, “An Internet troll is a member of an online social community who deliberately tries to disrupt, attack, offend or generally cause trouble within the community by posting certain comments, photos, videos, GIFs or some other … Read more

Man Fined for Mentioning Yellow Lights

Man Fined for Mentioning Yellow Lights

A Man Was Fined For Mentioning Yellow Lights You may wonder why this man was fined for mentioning yellow lights and exactly what yellow lights are we referring to? Well they were traffic lights. Mats Järlström is an electrical engineer from Sweden, plus he worked as an airplane camera mechanic in the Swedish Air force. … Read more

Voter You Can't Complain

Voter You Can’t Complain

If You Are A Voter You Can’t Complain Our message to you is, if you are a voter you can’t complain about what the government is doing to you or anyone else. Politicians will always be corrupt, power hungry liars, and they will always take advantage of you so long as they keep you under their … Read more

Free Education

Free Education

Anyone Looking For A Free Education? Did you know that in many countries in Europe there is free education even upto the PhD level? So unless you are living under a rock, you know that getting a degree in the US and even in Canada is VERY expensive. While we haven’t investigated, we are think … Read more

Holocaust Deniers

Holocaust Deniers

There Are People Who Are Holocaust Deniers It’s amazing in this day and age that there are Holocaust deniers spreading likes, and the situation is getting worse. We often wonder if these types of people are just low on the IQ scale, or there is something mentally wrong with them. Or, they are filled with … Read more

Personality of People With Money

Have You Ever Wondered About the Personality of People With Money? We are in no way are against money, but found this study VERY interesting, as it examined the personality of people with money vs. people who don’t have money. It’s a 7 year long study, so it’s not something Paul Piff from the University … Read more

Billionaires and Their Money

Have You Ever Wondered About Billionaires and Their Money? A writer, Brooke Harrington, decided to research billionaires and their money. In order to do so, she trained as a “wealth manager” in order to gain access to their lives. She said learned just some of the following: The borders of countries don’t matter to them, … Read more

Pregnancy Q and A

Pregnancy Q and A

Pregnancy and Women Pregnancy Q and A Pregnancy Q and A Joke Q: Should I have a baby after 35? A: No, 35 children is enough. Q: I’m two months pregnant now. When will my baby move? A: With any luck, right after he finishes college. Q: What is the most reliable method to determine … Read more

Get Bitter or Better

Get Bitter or Better. While we are just where we need to be right now, striving for improvement in all sorts of ways is a positive thing.

How to Revamp Suburbia

The Details on How to Revamp Suburbia Has anyone ever discussed with you how to revamp suburbia? Were you even aware that suburbia is an issue? Ellen Dunham Jones discusses why suburbia isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, suburbia has changed over the years, and how we can make changes to it that will … Read more

America The Police State

America The Police State

Are You Aware of America The Police State? In this day and age of 2017 we do consider America the police state put there by a corrupt government that will NEVER stop, as their corruption is funded by EVIL CORPS. Almost anyone is now detained for the NUMEROUS laws the government has put in place … Read more

Brain Stupid

Brain Stupid

They Are Making Us Brain Stupid Have you ever wondered why every year people in the US and in other countries they appear to be more and more stupid? People love their DENIAL, which keeps them stupid. Denial means not keeping your mind open to what is going on around you. Plus it’s easy to manipulate … Read more

Cult of State Worship

What is This Cult of State Worship? Do you recognize within yourself your desire to be a part of the cult of state worship? We understand you have been taught from an early age that society HAS to be the way you see it now. That WITHOUT government and a president, society will collapse. We … Read more

What is an Evil Corp

I Thought We Would Address What is an Evil Corp You may be wondering what is an evil corp. Someone recently felt we were treating ALL corporations the same, and just like you shouldn’t label all women or all immigrants the same, you shouldn’t label all corporations the same. We thought this was amusing since … Read more

America will implode

America Will Implode

Do You Think America Will Implode? Some are saying that America will implode in the not too distant future due to it’s greed and lust for power, war and money. The war money machine is only one example of the greed of the US and the capitalistic America, but it’s the center focus of what … Read more

Girl Wants To Kill Her Teachers

Girl Wants To Kill Her Teachers

This is a Girl Wants To Kill Her Teachers Get out the Kleenex, if you have a sense of humor, you will be laughing your head off at the Girl Wants To Kill Her Teachers. They say it’s a prank, but either it was an adult posing as a girl, or she’s the best damm actress … Read more

The Beatles

Ever Seen This Video from The Beatles? Will Bring Back Memories from The Beatles. A great off the cuff video… 0

20 Years Ago

Want to Know What Life was Like 20 Years Ago? Guess what would happen 20 years ago when someone rang your doorbell. This hilarious skit by comedian Sebastian Maniscalco won’t make much sense to Millennials, but will surely hit the funny bone with adults 30 years or older. Oh how times have changed and WHY … Read more

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